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Well, its done

I called AAA Travel today and made reservations for us to go to Disneyland from Nov 20 to Nov 24. I didn't get any of the hotels I preferred, as all the big rooms/suites were already booked (DAMN!). So we will be staying down the road at the Embassy Suites. I stayed there before, many years ago, and it was perfectly fine. I think it will work out well for us as these suites will allow us to spread out. Big bonus is a door between the bedroom and the living space. We can put people to bed and close the door on them.

The only downside I can see is the distance. We will not be in walking distance. Yes, we can take the shuttle, but that can be a long wait. Or we can drive...same problem, as you need a shuttle to the garage. 

And the price ended up being something reasonable. Not break the bank level, but something where we will need to put some money aside as the year goes on.

Bonus! I just checked our savings accounts and found that I've got half of the money for the trip saved up. This now leaves us with enough wiggle room to take Ike up to the snow either this month or next. I'll have to check with my Mom and see what weekend she is free. She offered last year to stay with the girls for a weekend so we could take Ike, as the girls are still a bit young (and too short) to enjoy any of the outdoor entertainment at the resort we found last year. (Which is very cool. Needless to say, I'm going...but I'm not going outside. I'll stay at the hotel and stitch.)

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