aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

So, how did I really hurt my arm last week?

So, I made a middle of the night post crying about my hurt arm. Turns out I aggravated the shit out of the nerve starting in my neck and the pain radiated all the way out to my fingers. I spent 2 days keeping my arm immobile and taking doses of vicodin. Joe stayed home on Wednesday, letting me sleep it off and driving us all over town. Including taking me to the chiropractor to fix the pain and to the podiatrist to get ANOTHER ingrown toenail cut out (two on the same toe actually)*.

So what did Doctor Kelli and I figure out to be the cause of the enormous amount of pain?


Tuesday night, I jumped Joe. My baby belly is getting sufficiently big that plain old missionary sex isn't comfortable. So I was on top, leaning over Joe, resting my upper body weight on my balled fists. I did that for too long. Dr Kelli laughed her ass off once we figured this out, and told me not to lean over for the rest of the pregnancy, 'cause I'm extremely likely to flare again. So, Cowgirl it is until Gray shows up.
Only me. I swear to God.

*BTW, I LOVE my podiatrist. When I went in Wednesday afternoon, and after he was done, he asked if he could do anything else. I said, sure want to save me a trip to the OB and give me a script for Vicodin? He said he'd give me "a few". I thought 10 or so, I ended up with a bottle of 60. Awesome!

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