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"Go Upstairs...and Kill the Boy!"

For the last 10+ days, someone has been falling asleep late in the afternoon. Elli and Gwen have been taking turns...yesterday both of them did.

Why is this a problem do you ask? They are sufficiently old enough to not really need a nap when they do, especially one later in the day...they won't go to bed until late (read past my bedtime). So not only have I not been getting my root beer floats (don't get between a pregnant woman and her food cravings) I'm NOT GETTING LAID!

They've gotten stuck in this pattern of napping late, staying up late, getting up on timeish. Its a vicious circle that feeds itself. I'm getting tired of it. I decided to do something about it.

Today, I worked my ass off to keep those two little girls awake and active all afternoon. Elli passed out on the couch at about 6:30. Gwen right before 8. I'm starting to relax, Ike is the last one up...and the night is shaping up to be one where I get both sex and ice cream. Finally.

Ike (now known as the little shit) decides to start making noise...lots of noise. In fact, he creates a sufficient amount of noise that he wakes Elli 8:15.


She's now had an approximate two hour nap, she's feeling rested, and won't go back down. She is currently watching TV.

I'm so hoping that Gray looks just like him.

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