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Now that the Presidential Festivities are over, we can start thinking about what most Americans would consider to be important.

The Superbowl!!

Yea, okay.



Party our house...we watch the commercials...who cares about the game? And you are invited.

When: Sunday Feb 1, 2009.
Time: 2PM (kickoff is at 6 Eastern)
Where: Our house, if you don't know where it me
What: Some dumb ass sport on the TV with cool commercials in the breaks and gaming at the tables.

We will be providing the normal foodstuffs and liquid libations (alcoholic and non) if there is something you'd like to share...feel free to bring it along. If there's a person or game you'd like to bring along as well...that would be cool too.

RSVP here or email by Jan 28


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