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More fun than I had planned.

In anticipation for today's festivities, Joe and I put chemicals in the hot tub.

Since it had been a couple of months, I tossed in a shitload of chlorine, thinking it would dissipate over the day and be fine by this evening.

After everyone had left, and we got all the kids to bed, Joe and I made our way out to the tub. My sore pregnant back was looking forward to the jets.

We opened the lid and it smelled okay, you could tell I had added chemicals. Water felt good, we got in and turned on the jets.

Which sent out clouds of steam into the night air...a couple of breaths in, my lungs started to work overdrive and my eyes started to burn. I sat there for a minute and announced we should get out of the tub...there was waaaaaaaay too much chlorine in the water. Joe and I got out, went inside and showered off.

It might take a couple of days to dissipate...I'll try again later this week.

Oh, and the party was very good. Small, but lots of time to talk to people. And some pretty good commercials too.
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