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Some good news at least.

Its that time of year to fill out the transfer forms to get Ike into the Charter school. They've changed a rule since last year...and it works for us.

Old Rule: At the end of the academic year, they tossed out the waiting list and you had to start all over, possibly ending up further back on the list than where you were before.

New Rule: You stay on the wait list, year after year until you get in. We still have to fill out the transfer form each spring to hold our place. (Which I just did!). Woo Hoo!

Thank God.

Other Good News: They are adding a second Kindergarden and a second First Grade class. Now the chances of Ike getting in are actually quite good. (Also increases the chances of the girls getting in together. I've had this fear of one getting in and the other not.)

More good news: If we decide to hold Ike back and have him repeat Kinder, it will not affect his place in line. They will move him to the same spot on that list. (yes bumping someone else, but we've already been on the list a year, they can deal.)

This makes me feel so much better about the next academic year.

Now if I can keep myself from slipping into Depression (and yes, I am starting to feel that slide. Dammit. I didn't want that to happen this time, I've been doing so well), I'll be doing okay.

I've taken the kids over to KidsPark for the afternoon. I'm going to go take a nap now.

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