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Ahhh. The Joys of Parenting.

Or How Ike ruined his parents Valentines Date.

So both Ike and Gwen had Valentines Parties at school. They came home with an enormous amount of sugar.  They spent a good hour and a half after Ike got home plowing through the stash. The girls then passed out from a massive sugar coma. I called Joe around 5ish. Telling him the situation at home. We agreed. Feed them, then take them to KidsPark to play and work that sugar high off. We were happy that we would actually get a date night for V-day.

We pack the kids into the car and we take them over. Just before I let Ike through the doors, I notice...he smells.

"Ike. Did you have an accident?"

"No Mommy."

"Ike, don't lie to me. You will be in more trouble for lying than having an accident. Did you have an accident?"

"Um. Yes"

I turn to Joe and tell him that Ike pooped his pants again. Joe goes over to Ike and asks if its true. Ike confirms he's stinky. Joe contains his anger (extremely well I thought) and tells me that he had asked Ike before we left if he pooped and needed to clean up. We do a fairly quick council and decide to take him home.

We drove home, he cleaned himself up...and is now helping Joe work through a fairly extensive list of chores*. At the rate he's going, he'll probably lose all fun electronics for the weekend as well.

I'm hoping this is the start to the end of lying. But he's a small kid...I doubt it. =) But I do hope it makes an impression.

*So far, he's helped with
Cleaning the dining room table (all the detrius from their sugar bacchanalia)
Cleaning the dining room floor (toys, clothes, various bits of garbage and recycling)
Cleaning the living room floor (see above)
Cleaning up the porch (Elli made a mess with the playdoh equipment today)

There's about 4 more things for him to do...its a lot of picking up and tidying rather than cleaning...but he's low to the ground...its good for him. =)
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