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OKay, I'm getting a bit tired of this

I know I don't do well with sleep deprevation. And I've actually done quite well the last couple of weeks since the girls have shown up. But right now I could really, really use some sleep. I had about 3 hours last night and I couldn't get them to nap at the same time this afternoon, nor does it seem that I'm going to be able to get them to sleep at the same time tonight either.

Gwen it out cold on the bed, and I'm sitting here with Elli in the sling, nursing, just like she's been for the last 2+ hours. By the time I get her to sleep, Gwen should wake up. Wash, rinse, repeat for the rest of the night.

And do I have any help in this? No. Why? 'Cause I'm the only one in the house with functioning teats. I'm trying to introduce Elli to a pacifier (better known as a plug), 'cause nursing for this amount of time is known as "Non-nutritive sucking" (aka, sucking for comfort), but so far no go. I'm still waiting for Gwen to get more proficient at latching on before I introduce a plug to her. I'm hoping that the plugs will help me get more sleep.

But in the mean time, I'm tired, I'm cranky, and I really resent the living shit outta the other two sleeping adults in the house!

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