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Eventful weekend thus far

Okay, there's only two big events worth writing about. I'll start with the less worrisome.

1. After owning a cell phone for over 11 years I finally did something stupid with one.

I left it in my jeans pocket and tossed them into the wash. I now have a squeaky clean phone. Now I have to go out and get a new one. The SIM card has a big of corrosion on it...I'm hoping that won't impede its use...'cause if its busted...I lose all my minutes (over 1500) and my phone number. Which would be annoying. (Why would I lose them? I use a Tracfone, its a pay as you go phone...I've had it for years and its been the cheapest way for me to go)

2. After church we looked at the falling skies and decided we would go someplace "fun" for lunch. (read somewhere where the kids could run around a play and burn off some energy before we take them home for the afternoon) We decided to try the Roundtable pizza we were supposed to go to on Thursday.  Pizza, play, blah, blah.

Until Joe takes Gwen to the bathroom...where she proceeds to utterly smash her fingers in the door leaving the men's room. She comes back crying her head off, Joe hands her to me, I give her some love and notice the blood running down her hand. She must have tried yanking her hand out cause she scraped the skin and flesh on her finger almost down to the bone. Blech.

We grab a clean kitchen towel, some ice in a bag, the other two kids and head for the car. We decide that, yes it needs to be looked at. No, not right this second, no need to go just up the street to Santa Clara Kaiser with EVERYONE.  We can run home, leave everyone not necessary there, and go to the minor injury clinic at the Kaiser near the house. By the time we got home, not only was Ike asleep,  Gwen was too. The blood slowed down to a slow ooze and I noticed that the nailbed on the finger next to the bloody one is cracked and oozing plasma (yuck!)

We let Gwen decide who to take her to the Doctor (not me!), so Joe left me with Ike (still asleep!) and Elli at home.

I'm hoping this won't take 3 hours. I'm hoping they'll look at it and go. "Oh. Here have a band-aid and a tetanus shot"

I'm not holding my breath.

More updates later.
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