aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Random Scenes of Life around here

Scene 1

Okay. This morning while sitting on the throne I was watching the local wildlife through my bedroom window. Two squirrels, one black, the other gray, were fucking like crazy on the fence.

"Must be spring" I thought. I was amused. Then, to my surprise, the rear squirrel leapfrogged in front of the squirrel he was humping and proceeded to get humped by the object of his lust.

Cool! We've got Queer Squirrels!

Scene 2

Gwen has a problem with chronic constipation. I keep her moving, not only by pushing fresh fruits and veggies, but by supplementing her milk with Benefiber. One day when Joe was adding some to her milk, she asked what he was adding to her bottle.

"Poopin' Powder! It helps you go poop!"

It is now referred to as Poopin' Powder and she asks for it. Cute!

The other day I was eating a couple of prunes (hey, I'm pregnant, sometimes things slow down) and she asked what I was eating. I started to tell her prunes, but responded with "Poopin' Fruit! Want one?" She declined but was impressed with the concept.
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