aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

I caught the hamster!!!

For the last two...three hours...Magic has been whining at us. Now Magic is a pretty placid cat, whining is unusual for her. Usually means she got shut up some place and now she wants out. Joe checked on her a couple of times, but she wasn't trapped.


Magic started whining I went to find out what was wrong with her. It took me a couple of minutes to determine that she was in fact in our room with the door open so I started to leave...then she darted out of Joe's closet over to mine. And she was chasing something.


Magic chased her out to where I could catch her, called for Joe ('cause I can't get up off the floor without hands), transferred Harvey to Joe and we moved her to her cage. Where we figured out that someone removed the tennis ball from the top of Harveys cage. (Tennis ball is a perfect size to cover a hole for more hamster trail)

We put the tennis ball back. And we fed her. She's had a rough night!

I'm glad we caught her...Ike would have been heart-broken.
Tags: harvey, magic

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