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So Far, so good

When I picked Ike up from school on Tuesday, he asked if it was Mommy and Ike time. I said no, I hadn't planned on it 'cause I still had his sisters...but how about Thursday? He said yes!

So I dropped Elli and Gwen at KidsPark before picking Ike up from school. When I got him the first thing out of his mouth was "Is it Mommy and Ike time?" When I said yes, he cheered. I asked him what he wanted to do, he adopted the Pooh Bear thinking stance and said "Think, think, think" =). I told him to think about it and by the time we got to the car he said he wanted to do 3 things.

First he wanted to go to the library. (*sniff*sniff* That's my boy! I'm so proud!)
Then he wanted ice cream
Finally, he wanted to go home and watch TV.

At least that was the beginning of negotiations.

Turned out he didn't want to go to the Library, he wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and buy a pinball machine he'd seen with Joe over 6 months ago. It took a phone call to Joe to figure this out, I kept asking him which library he wanted to go to (there are 4 in about a 5 mile radius) and he insisted it was one he went to with Daddy without anyone else. Hence the call to Joe. We renegotiated.

First we stayed home and played Mousetrap. Then we played Scrabble Jr. (His pick, then my pick). Thats a good game for him, its both strategy and letter recognition...goodness knows he needs help with both. For awhile there I thought he was reading the words, turns out he was guessing based on the pictures on the game board. (If you've never seen Scrabble Jr, the words are already pre-printed on the board, you just fill in the words with some rules on how to go about it.) He did quite well, I wouldn't let him get the easy points (which he didn't like), and we ended up setting a timer and finishing with a tie. Works for me, nobody got upset, nor gloated. We thanked each other for the game, saying we had a good time. I told him next time Auntie Allan (allanh ) and Unka Wandy come over he needs to Challenge Auntie Allan to a game since Scrabble is one of his favorites. He liked that idea.

After the game we went and got him a bag of Cheetos and then next door to the 7-11 for his first ever ice cream sundae. He got annoyed at the nuts and wouldn't even try the cherry.

Then we went and got the girls.

We had a good time. It will be awhile before we get another chance for Mommy and Ike time.

At this point though, I'm wiped...before dropping off the girls, we went and had lunch with Joe. It might be a hot dog night...I'm exhausted.



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Apr. 10th, 2009 12:22 am (UTC)
That sounds like great one-on-one time. Gabe got some this week too: I took him for his Hep A shots and left his brother with their father. LoL. He got to walk back instead of being strollered though.
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