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So I'm a bit behind. To steal a line from someone: if something important has happened, leave me a link! =)

And just to amuse you:

Ike has a slight speech delay (something like 25%) but its been improving by leaps and bounds lately. We are hearing 3-4 word sentences from him (not that he'll talk in front of Pat the pediatrician. Oh no! That would be too convient!) Anywho...

Last week I bought a tube of toothpaste, and it was out on the counter. Ike spotted it and wanted to see it. I took it out of the box and handed him the tube. He examined it closely and said "Oh! Medicine for my Penis!" (Diaper rash cream comes in a similar shaped tube)

Needless to say I was rolling on the floor! And quite proud of him 'cause that's the longest full sentence I've heard.

Hope everyone is hunky dorey.

And I am waaaaay too amused at Allan. I just LOOOOVE getting people hooked on new series. Now he'll find out why I named my daughter after a character. Tee hee hee.

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