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Geek Date!

My Mom's here tonight and she let Joe and I run away for part of the evening.

We are such geeks. First, we went out for yummy Thai at our favorite Thai Restaurant. (Believe it or not, the cucumber salad I had for the appetizer is upsetting the crap out of my stomach. Not the spicy thai curries, the cucumbers. Go figure)

Then we made a quick stop at Whole Foods where I got another bottle of Hydrochloric Acid and I splurged on 2 loaves of GF Sourdough Bread (its the first commercial made bread that I think tastes good. The taste is good, the texture is awesome, the only problem is that the crust literally falls off in 1-3 pieces. Not good. I found out that they are discontinuing this product 'cause the recipe needs fiddling. I liked it so much I'm hoarding it in my freezer even though I made a fresh loaf of bread this afternoon. I want easy access food in the near future.)

And then we went shopping at Fry's.

We are such geeks.
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