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A miss and a hit!

So I found out that there’s a Craft and Folk Art Museum in San Francisco. Since Joe’s Mom and I are big fans of the Crafted goods, I thought this would be a good excursion for the family. So yesterday, I called Ike in sick to school and we all loaded into the van and headed to the City. We left late (11AM) so by the time we hit South San Francisco, people were hungry. We stopped at Chipolte for lunch where all three kids refused to eat. Their loss!

Back into the van and up to the City. Search for parking, going round and round blocks in order to be going the right direction to get into the parking lot at 5th and Mission. (No left turns….Grrrr!) Get everybody out, walk the block or so to the museum where we discover…its closed! And its not noted on the website!

Good thing I had a backup plan.

We reloaded the van with everyone and crossed the city over to Golden Gate park and got to the California Academy of Science. Its the first time we've made it since it reopened. Going to pay to get in, we quickly determined that a membership for us is really cost effective, so we will be going back another time. A great time was had by all, Elli kept running off though. The kids got interviewed by a KRON camera crew about why its important to save the oceans. We got there around 2:30 and by the time the place closed at 5, everyone was ready to go.

We headed home, with a small detour to IKEA for dinner and a few supplies.

Ike and Elli fell asleep on the way home and we were able to transfer them to beds...relatively easy.

It was a long day, but a good one.

Next Adventure on the Calendar? Maker Faire on Sunday! Is anyone else going?



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May. 28th, 2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
Where's Maker Faire? I'm assuming that's a crafty-type fair.
May. 28th, 2009 09:21 pm (UTC)
At the San Mateo Fair Grounds (http://www.makerfaire.com/) its for those who make things. Go check out the website, there's some really neat stuff for the kids (including a life size (6500 sq foot) Mousetrap game) I've heard lots of good things from those who've gone before.

Oh, and there's a craft fair of already made stuff to peruse...and stuff to buy if you are a "Maker"
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