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Gray's Guardian Angels Working Overtime.

Two incidents in the last few days.

First, Ike was playing with Charlie, who jumped up and pushed Ike backwards, who then tripped over the bouncy seat Gray was sitting in. Thankfully, he missed Gray completely and landed hard on his butt on the other side. Scary.

Second. Gray's first solid food.

I was handing out M&M's as an after lunch dessert, the kids and I were in the office, Gray sitting in the living room in the bouncy seat. I gave the M&M's to Gwen first. In the amount of time it took to hand out M&Ms to the other two, Gwen managed to feed a couple of M&M's to Gray. (Ike watched of course, didn't say anything, just watched) I come into the living room and Ike tells me what she did. I look at Gray and he is obviously working hard at swallowing something.

"You didn't feed him...did you?"

Gwen nods.

Write your own ending to that discussion.

I have to admit, its pretty funny.  My first thought "Wow. That's going to be an entertaining diaper." Second "Man I'm glad he didn't choke" I think she now understands that Mommy is the only one allowed to feed Grayson anything right now.

He came through okay...a few brown and red spit ups as he tried to swallow...but no problem.



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Jul. 15th, 2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
Managing four children, two of whom are twins? I honestly don't have the patience or the bandwidth. You'd have to commit me. My hat is off to you for being able to do it.
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