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Homeschooling Blog?

So many of my compatriots online who are homeschooling for the first time this year are starting separate blogs to document what's going on. I gave some thought of doing so myself.

I decided not to. Homeschooling is part of my life. This blog is a reflection of my life. Homeschooling is not something that's distinct. So I'll just keep up with the Homeschooling tag I use.

I've been playing with my block crayons and the book "Coloring with Block Crayons" Here's some of my attempts of drawing. I'm not an artist. I am trying to teach myself how to draw, I am getting better. I need to play more with these crayons, which I will be doing lots of for the next year. I'll get better.

The colors are a bit dark (should of used flash) and the angle is a bit weird...but you do get a good idea of what I'm up to.

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