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Homeschooling plan for the week.

So I'm going to get into the habit of posting the plan for each week, partially for a written record, partially to let people who love my kids know what's going on.

Week of August 17-21:Its painting week. I'll be following EarthSchooling Watercolor camp

Verse: I like Red, Bi 58
Spanish Verse: Me gusta el color Rojo Bi 58
Music (fingerplay this week, I'll start recorder lessons next month) Now that I am four Bi 48

All day at Kaiser's Autism Spectrum Clinic
Intro to painting, story to introduce colors Rainbow Gnomes (Camp, 14), walk through painting set up (clean water in jars, painting rags, smocks, painting boards, soaking paper, sponging paper, keeping "Gnomes Beard" clean. Two colors today, Red with the Apple and Star sotry (Camp) Blue with Turtle and Skybowl
Review set up, Colors Yellow with Purse of Gold, Intro to Secondaries, painting red and adding yellow.
Review set up, More secondaries creation, Red background and adding blue, blue background and adding yellow.
Review set up, Free painting session

depending on how well this goes I may go beyond intro'ing the secondaries and do a full blown lesson with stories. I'm trying to keep this fun and an introduction on how to do the wet on wet watercolor painting. And yes, the girls will be joining us for these session, they are completely appropriate. And like I could really keep them away, lets be real.
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