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Its 4:30 AM and I've been up for an hour. And I'm not going back to bed at this point. And Gray really wasn't involved.


I woke up an hour ago due to back pain. (Since I sleep with Gray, I spend a chunk of the night laying on my side, nursing. My back, does not like this.) Rolled over and lay on my back. Realized I had to go pee. Got up and took care of business. Attempted to crawl back into bed, but woke up Gray.  Spent the next half hour settling him back into his own bed. Realized that I had 20 minutes until the alarm went off. So I got up.

So why was the alarm set to go off at 4:45?

The consultant I'm working with for homeschooling is calling at 5AM. She's a homeschooling mom too, so she does all her consulting work before her family gets up. My luck she's a time zone ahead. So I'm now up for the day (I get up between 6 & 6:30 to get my game on before the family gets up. Its been one of her suggestions and has worked really, really well for me.

Could be worse, I suppose.
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