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Three Color Friends-An Introduction to Primary Color Block Crayons

I actually wrote this! I can't promise its grammatically correct, I wasn't especially aiming for that. But its the first story I've written and I'm quite proud because I had a COMPLETELY captivated audience this morning when I told it. NOW I get why stories are recited in Waldorf Education and not just read out of a book.

I'll be writing more.

There once were three friends. Red, Yellow and Blue.

They loved to play and run and skip and jump. They played tag together. They played Hide and seek together. They played House, Dogs and Squirrels and skipped rope, all together. They were great friends and they spent all their free time together.

After awhile, the weather turned cold. The wind bit at their noses and ears when they went out side. And sent cold fingers down the backs of their shirts which made them shiver. The skies darkened, it rained…a lot.  They had to spend most of their time inside where it was nice and warm and cozy, drinking hot chocolate. 

Then late one night something special happened. It snowed.

They awoke to drifts of fine, beautiful snow lying in heaps on the ground. And it was very, very cold. It was so cold that the neighborhood swimming hole froze over. The ice was so thick, they and the other neighborhood children could go skating on it. (I put a piece of paper on the drawing pad at this point)

So, the three great friends, Red Yellow and Blue dressed in their warmest clothes, strapped on their ice skates, and stepped onto the ice.

Red was by far the boldest. He bravely skated out to the center of the ice urging his friends to come join him. He skated back and forth as fast as he could go. He fell down every once in awhile, but he always popped right back up and began to skate again. His enthusiasm encouraged the others to join him. (I took the red crayon and used the shortest side to draw zig zags across the paper)

Yellow began to laugh and giggle as she stepped out onto the ice. She was so happy to be out of the house and skating that her infectious joy made everyone happy.  She didn’t just skate over the ice. She danced, a twirl here, a little jump there. She bounced around the ice enjoying herself. (I took the yellow crayon and made it dance across the page, leaving little bits of color everywhere.)

And finally Blue stepped out onto the ice. Very calmly, and carefully Blue skated around the edges of the ice. He was enjoying the good weather and the company of good friends. He never fell down, but was the first to arrive to help a friend up when they did. Soothing their frustrations and encouraging them to keep trying.  (I took the blue crayon and drew a circle around the edges.)

At the end of the day, the three friends took off their skates, and looked longingly at the ice. As they looked, they noticed the streaks of color that each of them had left. Sometimes their trails crossed and combined to make new colors. All marveled at the beauty they made together.

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