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Chasing down the Ice Cream Man

Tuesday Night is dessert night.

As usual, I never got around to making something for it.

Usually the Ice Cream Man can be counted on making his rounds in our neighborhood at dinner time. No such luck tonight. So by 5:45 I thought "Fuck it. I"ll take them myself." And loaded everyone in the car set out to run to the Ice Cream shop down the street. Ike pipes up "Maybe we will find the Ice Cream Man!" "Honey I doubt it."

While waiting for the light to change so I can get on the main road, who makes a right in front of us...The Ice Cream Man! 

So when the light changed, I chased him down. Its hard flagging an Ice Cream Man down, he is not used to cars stopping him.

We got Ice Cream. The kids were happy.

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