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Homeschooling Pictures!

Just posting some pictures of this week's work.

Page One of his First Main Lesson Book

We did Form Drawing this week.

Curve Forms First

Then Straights

Then Waves

As you can see, I didn't realize we were drawing on the onion skins! Now that I know they are there, we will avoid them.

Here's a Picture of the Blackboard on Thursday Morning. The picture for Ike to copy on the left, and the verse on the right. Yea, I know, I'm not the greatest artist. I'm learning. Cut me some slack.

Here's Ike's rendition of the drawing. The house took 3 tries, but with the fixes, it looks pretty good. I can't help but wonder if the book I'm using is too small. (Its something like 11 x 14) Too small at least for pictures...he seems to be doing quite well with the writing.

And two pages of the verse

Next week I'll have him draw the stars between the words. On the first picture you can see where he got lost looking at the board and the entire verse. It got better when I decided to erase each word as he finished copying it into his book.

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