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Homeschooling this week

Math Block! We'll be learning the properties of numbers in this block and Roman Numerals

Verse: Rosy Apple, A Child's Seasonal Treasury Pg 36
Spanish: Autumn Leaves are Falling down (week 2) Bilingual, Pg 106
Yoga: Freedom, Angel Bear Yoga, Page 77
Music (Ike's requested a music change) Mary had a little lamb
Handwork: Applebutter (if I can get apples at the Farmers Market),

(NB Music is going slow...I think we will be working on Mary had a little lamb for the foreseeable future. Ike is still trying to figure out that the left hand goes on top and how to blow hard enough, but not too hard to get a good sound. Once he tackles that, we'll move onto fingering. Big frustration here is that Elli and Gwen want to play too, only they just want to blow their flutes, not actually learn how to play their own (which is fine). The problem comes in the fact that they are bothering Ike with their playing. And he keeps getting distracted and frustrated.)

  • Holiday! Daddy's Home! Memorial Service in Late Afternoon
  • Baking Day: GF Bread for me, GF Brownies for Dessert on Tuesday

  • First Day of School at Morning Glory, we'll attend and participate in the Rose Ceremony (graduation to First Grade)
  • Painting Day: Yellow Sun in Blue Sky
  • Form Drawing: More Curves

  • Ike: Number I, Riddle (AJTWM Pg 13) Drawing the Sun in Main Lesson Book with Phrase "Our Sun is I"
  • E&G Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Modeling Day: Suns

  • Ike: Number II Riddle (AJTWM  Pg 14) Draw Sun and Moon in MLB with "Our Sun and Moon are II"
  • E&G Noisy Gnomes
  • Form Drawing: More Curves
  • Copywork: Weekly Verse

  • Ike: Forest Friday at Morning Glory
  • E&G: KidsPark
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