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Homeschooling thoughts about this week

A couple of thoughts worth jotting down.
  • talking through a prop is VERY effective at getting the kids to behave
  • keep the prop out of their reach. King Equals does NOT like being abused. And he's vocal about it too.
  • Circle time still feels contrived and very frustrating. However, I skipped it one day this week and the school morning went much smoother. A couple of deep breaths and a start seems to work fine.
  • Still need more Brain Gym I think
  • Must rethink recorder lessons. Ike is having a hard time reaching feeling the holes. I'm not sure if its his level of frustration interfering or his lack of fine motor skills. I'll keep plugging away with him and see how it goes. Might need to switch to penny whistle (sounds good and cheap) or the pentatonic flute (sounds good, but expensive). Either way, I'd have to start all over again. He did manage to get a G and an A  in the right order. I'm thinking its more lack of self confidence.
  • Need to think about knitting soon. It should help him with his fine motor. Debating on whether to start with two needle knitting, or spool knitting.
  • Need to work on keeping the kids from abusing the chalkboard drawings. King Equals didn't last a day without someone screwing up the drawing. And it was a good one too!
  • changing my behavior requests from "Stop doing X" to "You may do Y" seems effective.
  • Forest Fridays are awesome. Ike came home with big smiles, but was very upset that I didn't give him Mac N Cheese in his lunch (friday's Mac N Cheese day)  He had a good time playing with the other kids, building dams in the creek and getting all scratched up.


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Sep. 18th, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
Poor King Equals!

Circle time is kinda weird with just 1, 2, or 3 kids. Makes more sense with at least 4 kids. It's supposed to teach them how to sit patiently in a group and to greet them into the class. Probably some other stuff too.
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