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Homeschooling Plan for this week

Verse Crowning of the Year, A Journey Through Time, 167
Spanish maria tenia una corderita, Bilingual 248
Yoga Respect, Angel Bear Yoga 117
Music Mary had a little lamb
Handwork: Finger knitting

  • Ike Number III, Riddle (AJTWM, Pg 14)  Draw Mommy, Daddy, Ike in MLB, Write "Mama, Daddy and me are III"
  • E&G Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Baking Day: GF Bread for me, Something for Tuesday Night Dessert Night
  • Handwork Day (afternoon)

  • Ike Number IV (Or IIII), Riddle (AJTWM, Pg 15) Draw picture of Elements, write "Fire, Water, Earth and Air are IIII"
  • E&G Picture book
  • Painting Day Yellow sun on blue sky (last week's, but I didn't get to it 'cause I'm sick)
  • Form Drawing Revist Curves, Curves up and down
  • TKD for Ike (if he wants to go)
  • Ike Number V, Riddle (AJTWM, Pg 15) Draw hand outline picture, write "I have V fingers on each hand"
  • E&G Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Modeling Day: Lambs
  • TKD for the Girls

  • Ike: Number VI, Riddle (AJTWM, Pg 15-16) Need to think of  a picture, write "I can touch and see and hear and smell and be!"
  • E&G Picture book
  • Form Drawing: Curves Revisited Ascending and Descending Curves
  • Copywork: Verse of the week
  • Music Day (in the afternoon)

  • Ike: Forest Friday at Sanborn Park
  • E&G First day of MOPS for this year.
  • Possible trip to library and park after getting Ike.
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