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Homeschooling Plan for this week

Verse Verse from "Autumn Story" Autumn, Pg 66
Yoga Abundance, AB 45
Music Mary had a little lamb
Handwork: Finger Knitting

Monday and Tuesday are an Autumn/Fall Mini-block as the first day of autumn is Tuesday.

  • Ike: Autumn Story, draw picture of a Tree with Hedgy Hedgehog and Squirrel Nutkin
  • E&G: Noisy Gnomes
  • Baking Day: GF Bread, Something for Desert Night
  • Gym Day
  • Handwork Day (afternoon)

  • Ike: Narrate and summarize story from day before. Put summary in MLB. Make Applesauce as apples are in season!
  • E&G: Picture Book
  • Form Drawing: Curves again. Needs lots of practice. Curves to the Left this week
  • Painting Day: More playing with Blue and Yellow
  • Ike: VII, Riddle (AJTWM, Pg 16) Draw a Rainbow in MLB, write "There are VII colors in the Rainbow and VII days in the week."
  • E&G Noisy Gnomes
  • Modeling Day: More basic play. That stuff is really hard to work with...I think we just need practice sessions
  • Gym Day
  • TKD for Girls @ 3:30

  • Ike: VIII, Riddle (AJTWM, Pg 16) Draw diamond with a lemniscate in it. Write "I can skate with the number VIII"
  • E&G: Picture Book
  • Form Drawing: More Curves
  • Copywork Day: Verse from Monday's story
  • Music Day (afternoon)

  • Ike: Forest Friday at Sanborn Park
  • E&G Preschool at KidsPark
  • Trip to library and park after getting Ike.
I totally rewrote what I was planning to do this week. I had planned to spend the week on both Autumn and Michaelmas. And then spend next week wrapping up this math block. Instead we'll split everything up. Autumn this week and Michaelmas next week.
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