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Homeschooling Plans

I never got around to posting my plans for this last week. I'm going to do so now so I can look it up later.

Ike: IX, (AJTWM, Pg 17), Draw a meadow with 9 flowers, write "With number IX you can do just fine, but number VI has many tricks"
E&G: Play
No baking done this week , no handwork either.

Ike: St. George and the Dragon story with finger puppets, draw dragon from board into MLB, write Autumn Verse in MLB. Revisit Curves form Drawing on blackboard.
E&G Play.
No painting

Ike: narrate and summarize story from day before. Write 2-3 sentence summary in MLB
E&G Play.
No modeling

Ike: X, (AJTWM, Pg 17), Draw a basket with 10 apples in it, write "X shall stand for playmates 10", Roman Numeral Review, form drawing 9's on blackboard
E&G Play.
No copywork, no music

Ike: Forest Friday!
Library in the afternoon, followed by Ike, Elli, and Gwen off to Kidspark. Date night for Mom and Dad (we spent Gray's nap cuddling and talking, then went to the mall and spent money on various things)

This was a REALLY rough week for me. We went and visited my Grandmother over the weekend and Sunday night was the 5th bad night of sleep in a row. At one point on monday Ike was refusing to do what I was asking (first time he's done it) and I caught myself before totally losing it. Wasn't his fault that I was completely burned out. I stopped what we were doing, put everything away and we finished up on tuesday.

Other rough thing. Ike is seriously getting frustrated with drawing. Give him a pencil and he's quite good, but these block style crayons are driving him crazy. Due to the fact that he's having such a hard time getting them to do what he wants them to do (both in technique and color blending), he's half convinced himself that he can't draw.

On Tuesday he hid under the table and refused to come out because the dragon he was drawing didn't look like either the one I drew on the board, nor like the one I was drawing in my MLB. I think 2 things are causing the problem. 1. The lighting. The lamp in our dining room has 4 separate lights, thus throwing all sorts of shadows. Its difficult for me to see where I'm going. 2. His deficient fine motor skills. I think he just needs to keep at it. I'm trying to pull him into drawing after school (by sitting down and drawing myself), but he doesn't want to. But I can, however, alleviate one layer of stress about the crayons. After much meditation and talking to Joe, I'm going to give Ike the box of 8 crayons. He doesn't like the fact that he has a really hard time creating the secondary colors. I can give those to him and let him focus on the technique side of it. I can still bring in the color blending aspect by making tertiary colors and encouraging him to do so...and I think that's the best thing I can do for him right now
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