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Homeschooling Plans Oct 5-9

Verse "Five Little Leaves" ACT 48
Spanish Bi 352
Yoga AB 101
Music Mary had a little lamb
Handwork: Finger Knitting

We'll be doing Language Arts for the rest of the year, intersperced with Holidays and Festivals

  • Ike: Letter M, Wise Sophia and Mt. Simeli AJTW Pg.79, Draw a picture of a M Mountain in MLB.
  • E&G: Sweet Porridge (Grimm 103)
  • Baking Day: GF Bread, Something for Desert Night
  • Gym Day
  • Handwork Day (afternoon)
  • Ike:Eurythmy class at Morning Glory. Once Home. Narrate and summarize story from day before. Put summary in MLB. Make Applesauce as apples are in season!
  • E&G: Sweet Porridge (Grimm 103)
  • Form Drawing: Mountain Form
  • Painting Day (afternoon): Mountains with Yellow and Blue
  • Ike: Letter V, Wise Sophia and The Vagabonds AJTW Pg 81, Draw a picture of valley with a sunrise in MLB
  • E&G Sweet Porridge (Grimm 103)
  • Modeling Day: More basic play.
  • Gym Day
  • TKD Ike at 3:00 and Girls @ 3:30
  • Ike: Narrate and summarize story from day before. Put summary in MLB.
  • E&G: Sweet Porridge (Grimm 103)
  • Form Drawing: 9's and 0's
  • Copywork Day: Five Little Leaves ACT 48
  • Music Day (afternoon)

  • Ike: Forest Friday at Sanborn Park
  • E&G Preschool at KidsPark
  • Trip to library and park after getting Ike.
Busy week. We decided to go ahead and enroll Ike in the Eurythmy class as originally planned. I'll see how it goes and see how well he can refocus after class for our schooling.

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