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This week's Homeschooling Plans

Verse "Three Witches" ACT 49
Spanish Bi 113
Yoga AB 109
Music Jack o Lantern SAS 36
Handwork: Spool Knitting

Ike: The Witches Night before Halloween. Draw Witches and Cauldrons and Pumpkins in MLB.
E&G: See Above
Baking Day: GF Bread, Pumpkin Bread
Handwork Day (afternoon)
Playdate at our house with a total of something like 15 kids. Oy!

Ike: Eurythmy class @ Morning Glory. Field Trip to Beach with Out of Town Homeschooling Friends (oceanography. Yea.)
E&G:  See above about beach trip
Form Drawing: Waves (we went left to right last week, right to left this week)
Painting Day: Not this week

Ike: Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch. Spend rest of day carving pumpkins and roasting seeds.
E&G: See above
Modeling Day: Pumpkins
TKD: Ike @ 3:00 and Girls @ 3:30

Ike: Baking. Lots and Lots of Baking! (Cupcakes, cookies, and maybe some candy)
E&G: See Above
Form Drawing: Not today
Copywork Day: Three Witches ACT 49
Star Trek Experience @ Tech with Joe and allanh, Randy, urbear and others at 3PM

Ike: Forest Friday at Sanborn Park
E&G: Kidspark for morning
Library Day

Busy Week! Last week during Quiet Time Ike came into my room and worked on his spool knitting. Worked out pretty well. In a couple of weeks I may use this time to teach him to two needle knit. Its quiet, just the two of us, and relaxing.

I also think I'm going to start including Weekly Goals for myself on this slot. So at least I get them written down.
Knit some on Gwen's Hat
Finish Knitting Gray's Dinosaur
Start another dinosaur or a baby gnome hat for Church Fundraiser
Read another chapter of "Power of Stories"
Finish current lecture in "Rhythms of Learning"
Draw! I haven't worked on my drawing skills in awhile.

Big accomplishment for the weekend? Shoveling out Ike's Room. I can see the floor again! Woot!
Big Woot? All four kids asleep tonight at 7:15

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