aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Computer down

I got the BSOD when I booted my computer last night after dinner. Oh Man!

My computer has been doing a long slow slide to death, it didn't surprise me, but the suddenness irked me.

Especially since I hadn't backed up in like a month and I had a buttload of stuff I'd added to my hard drive.

I spent the next 45 minutes trying to boot in safe mode, booting Joe's computer so I could access the network terrabyte hard drive (and failing), trying to find out what I hadn't backed up, and successfully uploading all the pictures to an online service (the really critical files, everything else is recoverable, annoying, but recoverable).

Joe eventually got home, got the backup thingy functioning, and I spent the evening backing up everything else. I even remembered to back up my bookmarks!

So we are down to one functional computer. Joe will attempt to beat my computer into submission this weekend, and if unsucessful, I'll get a laptop.
Tags: computer woes, self

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