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Plans for the 2010-2011 school year.

Yes, I'm already working on my lesson plans for second grade. Sad, I know. But  so far this is just a basic outline of the year.

Revised Feb 17 2010 (changes in red)

September (Language Arts)
1 week ease into school (Form Drawing, Painting, etc)
2 weeks Trickster Tales
1 week St Michael & St George (Includes Prep for Michaelmas)
We will start basic grammar structure and word families this month and carry them on through all the Language Art Blocks. We will also do nearly daily short math drills both oral and written (but not necessarily both on the same day).

October (Nature Stories/LA)
1 week Plants
1 week Insects
1.5  week Animals
1/2 week Halloween prep

November (LA/Saints/Nature Stories)
1 week Jataka tales
2 weeks Saints (Martin, Jerome, Isaac, Elizabeth of Hungary) (includes prep for Martinmas)
1 week Thanksgiving
1 week Moon Stories

December (LA/Saints)
1 week St Nicholas
1 week St Lucia
2 Weeks Break!

January (Math)
4 Weeks Math

February (LA/Saints & Heroes)
1 week Jewish Heroes
1 week American Indian and Islamic heroes
1/2 week St. Valentine
1 1/2 weeks St. Francis

March (Math)
3 weeks math
1 week open for catchup/off (including Ike's birthday, need 2 days for that)

April (Math)
2 weeks Math
Easter Break
1 week St. Mary and Easter Prep

May (LA/Catch up)
1 week Natural Phenomena
2 weeks Aesop
1 week
open for catch up/other things I think of.
1 week St. Joan.

And of course we will be doing various drawing (pencils!), painting,modeling and handwork projects. Ike will continue with his Forest Fridays and Eurythmy Class at Morning Glory Waldorf School

Plans for Elli and Gwen will be forth coming. Mostly lots of stories, playing, drawing, painting, modeling, and handwork projects. They may start attending Forest Fridays and the Eurythmy class (with the Kindergarden) at MGWS as well.

You know? In some ways this doesn't look like a lot. But I know it is!


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Dec. 24th, 2009 04:20 am (UTC)
Looks like a good bit to me! You've got quite the start on the school year.
Dec. 24th, 2009 03:32 pm (UTC)
I love how organized you are.
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