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Homeschooling this week

Month of January: Math Block
Spanish for month:
Wheels on the bus (Cante 46)

Week of Jan 4-8
Music for week: Are you sleeping (WSSA 40)

Ike: One,1, I the Grain of Corn (6th sense math) draw one in MLB (EDIT: I retold Old Turtle by Wood from Memory. It just seemed to fit better
E&G The mitten (Joy 27 and Picture book by Jan Brett)
Afternoon: sewing cards shaped like mittens
Baking 3 kings cake

Ike Two, 2 , II The two brothers (Math 19) (EDIT: I told Two Frogs instead. I was even able to make a "puppet" show out of it using two frog bath toys. He loved it)
Afternoon: Make Crowns (BTJ 78)
Painting: sun, grass, tulip (WHE color stories)
Form Drawing Review (80)

EDIT Day was written off due to first day of Co-op. We had a great time. Free play &  TKD took up rest of afternoon)
Ike Three, 3, III, triangles Three sons of fortune (Math 27), examples in MLB
Afternoon: Paper snowflakes
Modeling: pyramids

EDIT: Day written off due to LONG ass eye appointment. Spent rest of afternoon playing with friends and making playdough)
Ike Four, 4 IIII, IV, and squares Four shiftful brothers (first grade book, 169)
Afternoon Milk carton bird feeders
Form drawing: review
Copywork: This week's song.

Ike: Forest Friday (EDIT: Canceled due to lack of sufficient adults. Ike spent the day at school. Didn't go over very well, he's not used to the routine of the room and he's wiggly!)
Afternoon: Library, then kidspark, datenight for Mom and Dad
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