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Okay, maybe not

Day one new habit.

I turned off my computer.

I'm trying to cut down the kids "screen" time. No TV while the sun is up. So in fairness, and in an effort to be a more mindful parent, I'm turning off my computer when I go to bed. And I won't reboot until kids go to sleep at night.

Only took me an hour to go through all the various things I need want to read.

I have to admit. It feels strange not to be able to sit down and kill 45 30 20 10 5 minutes when the kids are involved in something.

Made for a somewhat smoother day.

We shall see how tomorrow goes.

Also all other new habits I'm trying to instill in the kids seem to be going well. (brushing teeth, prayers, putting PJ's under pillows, making beds (those last two just the girls, I must get it together with Ike) proper table manners, Helper of Day.) We've moved their bedtime back a half an hour again (now we start with brushing and changing clothes at ~ 6:30), and I'm not seeing anybody getting up any earlier than usual. Makes it that all 3 (sometimes 4) are asleep by 7:15-7:30. (Last few nights Gray has taken a short (30 min) nap around 4-5 he's been up to 9PM)

Took Ike to a different Developmental Optomitrist today (since the first wants me to spend $8K without insurance, we are getting a second opinion). Fellow Aggie (makes me feel warm and fuzzy), and all she did today was take the most extensive eye exam I've ever seen. She didn't even start the Developmental exam, that's a two hour appt on thursday! it took over an hour today. And she caught the fact that Ike over-crosses his eyes for closeup work. So Ike got to pick out his first pair of glasses. He only needs them for reading, schoolwork, and computer work. Bonus, today's visit covered by insurance, so todays appt and glasses were covered and reasonable. No clue if thursday's appt is covered or not, I'll be asking.

Okay, Now I'm off to bed....long day tomorrow, restless teething baby tonight.
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