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Life update

Item the first or "Why I'm glad we got a second opinion"

So I took Ike to his evaluation appt to the developmental optometrist, Dr. Rice. The eval was LONG, and interrupted by the earthquake. Turns out he has astoundingly good visual memory. Ike just doesn't know how to access or use it. She and her therapist can help teach him that. Things I really like about Dr. Rice vs the other guy I started with.
  • She does very through exams.
  • She showed me the dianostic score sheet she was using and explained the results to me.
  • She mailed me a copy of the final report!
  • She does therapy incrementally. One therapy session a week for 8 weeks then an eval to see if more is needed. I don't need to pony up $8000.00 at the beginning. This is very cool!
Item the second. "Or I'm making my life more difficult/stressful"

We didn't get to two days of school last week. So we get to make them up this week. Luckily, I've got a couple of days of play in the schedule. Why did we miss two days? First off,  we have joined a park day/coop on Wednesday's. We've been too isolated and this gives us all a chance to go out and meet new friends and have some fun. Lots of playmates available for all 4 kids. Since it started at 10AM and we didn't leave until 12:37 and we had TKD at 3 (we have to start prep at 2:15) we never got a chance to squeeze the work in. On Thursday we had the above mentioned appointment with Dr. Rice. That took up the morning and the early afternoon was absorbed playing at my friend M who is going to be watching the girls for me while I'm at the appt with Ike.

We've had to move TKD from Wednesday afternoon to Monday afternoon as two activities in one day makes for a bad day (read cranky, stressed out Mommy). That being said, Ike starts vision therapy on Tuesday afternoon, giving us two activities for Tuesdays. Ugh. The only good thing about that is that therapy is temporary. Hopefully in 2-4 months we can stop.

Item the third or "This space for Rent!"

Not much else worth mentioning going on. We are living life and enjoying something about each day. =) Oh wait. I went to a fellow member of UUFLG today and taught her the basics of wool felt embroidery. Yea! I love teaching handwork. Also when I got home, Joe had taken everybody to the park so I got some time in the house all by myself! Yea!


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Jan. 14th, 2010 01:15 am (UTC)
I'm glad the new doc is so good. How was she able to find out about his visual memory without him accessing it? She's good! On your coop day do you do school earlier and later or just start when you get home from the park?
Jan. 14th, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
Today we did it after we got home, there just isn't enough time to do so before.

Or there might be if we didn't walk the dog first. It wasn't raining the morning at 8:30 so we ran to walk Charlie.
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