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Month of January: Math Block
Spanish for month:
Wheels on the bus (Cante 46)

Homeschooling plans for the week of January 18-22
Music for the week: One Misty, Moisty Morning (WSMG 31)

Ike Seven, 7, VII and heptagons, Seven Ravens (first grade 174), Draw week calendar in MLB
Elli and Gwen: Star Money (they get this story all week)
Baking: Star Cookies
Afternoon: origami cranes

    * All TKD (EDIT Canceled due to holiday)

Ike: eight, 8, VIII, and Octogons, Octopus untangled, (Tales of Tiptoes Lightly 28), Draw octopus in MLB
Form Draw Review
Painting: Blue Hides her Face (WHE color story) Didn't get to this last week.

    * Ike: Eurythmy at MGWS at 8:40AM
    * Ike: Vision Therapy @ 2PM
    * Girls: Off to M's at 1:30

Ike: Nine, 9, IX and nonogons
Modeling: Star money
Afternoon: Milk Carton Bird Feeders
All: Co-op at Lincoln Glen Park @10AM

Ike: Ten, 10, X and Decagons, Two ways to count to ten, (Six sense math)
Form Drawing: review
Copywork: this week's Music
Afternoon: Ice Candles

Ike: Forest Friday
Elli and Gwen:MOPS with me
Library Day

Last week's Goals
finish mollygm 's daughter's Christmas Hat (Done! But its big on Ike's head, I'll start a size lower and try again. Third times the charm.)
Start  mollygm s christmas hat
Practice recorder twice
finish "Simplicity Parenting"
finsh "Ask and it is given"

This Week's Goals
work on mollygm's hat
finish "Ask and it is Given"
Start one of the sleeping books
Practice Recorder twice
Prep for Mom's Retreat this weekend.
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