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Cool Meditation Quote

"Most of us meditate on things totally useless to the Spiritual life. Those who say they "can't" often meditate the most. Their minds get stuck on one thing and they mull it over and over. They are meditating a lot-on the wrong things! Don't tell me you don't know how to meditate. When you get angry with someone you can meditate on that for at least a half a day, can't you? When you're upset it can consume you for the other half of the day. We review our lives like scenes in a play. You remember what one said and what the other one said and then you add more to it. You not only meditate, but you use your imagination. We all go through a series of thoughts and imaginings. The essence of the interior life is to control that and focus on God. We're all massive meditators. We just need to keep focused on God and learn what to meditate on."

-Mother Angelica from Mother Angelica's Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scripture

I found this book at the library and it caught my far its a very interesting read...I've got to find some of her videos.
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