aelfie (aelfie) wrote,

Epic FAIL!

So, we've been members of the local YMCA for over 6 years. When Ike was 6 months old, I started going 5 days a week. This has been my habit pretty much for the entire time. I quit going right before I had Gray as it took too much energy to get out of the house just to get 2 hours of free daycare and a shower. During the summer I manged to go most days, but even then, we pretty much stayed home.

I've missed not only the workouts and exercise, but the uninterrupted leisurely showers, and 2 hours to myself. I liked the time to stitch nearly daily. Its what's kept me sane for the last 6+ years.

Since school started I haven't made it on a regular school day. I assumed that going to the childcare would rile up Ike the kids so much that I wouldn't be able to get school in successfully.

This academic block has been pretty light weight. Its only taking a half an hour to get things done and I've been able to squeeze in school in the afternoon with success.

I decided to experiment today. With the rain, I knew they wouldn't get the chance to play outside like the usually do. Its a good day to see if my assumptions were correct.

Oh boy, are they ever.

I'm not going to bother to describe today. The title of the post captures the essence of the day. Needless to say, I will NOT be attempting this again.

Now I have to debate keeping the gym membership. If I'm not using it, and Joe's not using it. I can save myself the ~$100 a month fees to pay down some debt.
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