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6. Ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
New-agey, spiritual book. Esther is a channel for a non-physical group consciousness and they teach the Law of Attraction. Second half of the book includes exercises/games to help you improve your mood and refine what you are asking the Universe for. Interesting read.

7. Sound Sleep by Sarah Woodhouse
One of two sleep books carried over at Bob and Nancy's. Since I've never really figured out that put the baby to bed alone and they fall asleep without me trick with the first three, I thought I'd read up on some ideas to try and pull this trick off with Gray. I skipped the entire first half of the book as its aimed for babies younger than 6 months. The second half is for 6 month babies and up, including toddlers and children. Definitely got some ideas

8. The Good Sleep guide by Angela Henderson
Written in the UK. the other sleep book carried by Bob and Nancy's. Basically its Ferber lite for the British audience. I'm not sure I agree with Ferberizing. I have to admit I gave it a half-assed try with the girls. Yeah. Right. Hey, I was desperate and was willing to try almost anything. I just can't do the Cry it Out thing. Breaks my heart. Really short book, only took me an hour to read.

9. Family Feasts for $75.00 a week by Mary Ostyn
Mother of 10 wrote this book, I thought she might have a few ideas worth reading. Divided into two parts. Part 1 is a complete rehash of the Tightwad Gazette. There wasn't one new idea not already discussed by Amy Dacyczyn. However the Tightwad Gazette ceased publication in 1996. So most people haven't ever heard of it. But I will say it is a nice condensed version of the Gazette (which comes in at over 1000 pages) and focuses specifically about food. Part 2 is recipes. I loves me a cookbook. Nothing really new here, but still nice to get some ideas to the front of my mind.


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