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Homeschooling This Week

Month of January: Language Arts Block
Spanish for month:
Wheels on the bus (Cante 46)

Homeschooling plans for the week of January 25-29
Music for the week: Baa Baa Black Sheep

Ike: The Letter G and The Golden Goose (First Grade 109) Draw a G Goose in MLB
Elli and Gwen: Jack Frost (they get this story all week)
Baking: Icicle Bread Sticks
Afternoon: origami cranes

    * All TKD (assuming I get to talk to Mr. Moore about it)

Ike: Narrate and Summarize. Copy summary into MLB
Form Draw; First Grade page 110
Painting: Blue Hides her Face (WHE color story) Didn't get to this last week.

    * Ike: Eurythmy at MGWS at 8:40AM
    * Ike: Vision Therapy @ 2PM
    * Girls: Off to M's at 1:30

Ike: The Letter K and King Thrush's Beard (First Grade 112)
Modeling: Thrushes
Afternoon: Milk Carton Bird Feeders
  • All: Co-op at Lincoln Glen Park @10AM
Ike: Narrate and Summarize, Copy summary into MLB
Form Drawing: review waves
Copywork: this week's Music
Afternoon: Ice Candles

Ike: Forest Friday
Elli and Gwen: KidsPark
Library Day

Last week's Goals
work on mollygm's hat (Finished on the Mom's Retreat. CUTE!!!)
finish "Ask and it is Given" (Even returned to the Library)
Start one of the sleeping books  ( Finished Both. Started some with Gray, but then he came down with a cold)
Practice Recorder twice (I cleaned house instead)
Prep for Mom's Retreat this weekend. (Awesome! See post here about it)

This Week's Goals
Practice Recorder Twice
Finish First Lord's Fury
Finish Temperaments in Education
Request St. Francis Book from library
Work on mollygm  daughter M's hat (Third try is the charm).
Paint with the kids this week

Musings Adding Co-op and Vision Therapy has eaten more out of my schedule than I realized it would Oy! I'm going to try and do school with Ike before co-op instead of walking the dog. That way we can just be done. Last couple of times we did it after we got back while the girls were in quiet time, but then I didn't get quiet time and I got cranky. We'll see what happens.
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