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14. The door into Summer by Robert Heinlein
I'm reading a lot of Heinlein mostly because Gray keeps emptying that shelf and I keep finding things while I clean up after him. Not quite a Juvie, but different tone...might be a transitional book between his Juvie years and the break made with Stranger. Basic Time travel via cold sleep. Main character is a Techer, quick read

15. Lifeways: Working with Family Questions by Gudrun Davy and Bons Voors
Waldorf parenting book. Part of the Lifeways curriculum (Lifeways is Waldorf Early Education Program). Since I still have a house full of the under 7 set, it seemed like a prudent read. An anthology of essays written by parents in the U.K. regarding different subjects. Divided into three sections, Parents Way, Family Way, Childrens Way. Definitely a good read, even though it has a dated feel to it. (Originally published in 1983) I think I'll track down the second book

Not bad. That's a book every other day. Goodness I'm glad I read fast.
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