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I am freakin' tired

Chasing 3 kids without much break is starting to get to me.

I feel like I'm rushing everywhere, like I'm perpetually running late, or running to prevent something from being late.

I hate running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I like the fact that I've finally gotten the girls to go to bed by 8:30 on a pretty regular basis. What I don't like is that I haven't been able to move Ike's bedtime back any. He seems wired to go to sleep around 10 every night. What I really don't like is that I'm not going to bed after getting Ike to sleep. Joe wakes me up and instead of crashing with the girls in my bed, I'm staying up finishing chores so we can get out the door in a reasonable time in the morning.

So instead of being in bed lights out at 10:30 (before getting the girls to go to bed early) I'm now going to bed lights out at 11:30.

Missing that first hour of sleep is starting to wear on me.

I'm tired, really fucking, PMS level, cranky, bitchy lately. and it ain't pretty. Unfortunately Joe's catching most of it. But some of its falling onto Ike in terms of lack of patience and short temper. I hate this.

A baby is crying again. Must run.

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