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17. Tiptoes Lightly & the Magic Knot by Reg Down
Another Tiptoes book. Elli and Gwen love to hear Tiptoes stories. This one is about Pine Cone and Pepper Pot making her gifts for her birthday

18. Old turtle by Douglas Woods
Wonderful picture book. It discusses the nature of God in a very gentle way. Includes the pronoun She, which is just awesome. Ike loves this book.

19. My Little book about God by Jane Werner; Wilkin, Eloise Watson
Another very gentle book talking about the nature of God. No one specific religious path is mentioned, but the basic idea is that God is good and loves you. Very cute, originally published in the early '50's and is even multi-cultural (in other words not all the kids is it are blonde and blue eyed. Most are, but not all). Although from what I can see from research this multi-cultural is a mid '80's update.

20. Waldorf Education: A Family Guide edited by Pamela Fenner and Karen Rivers
What an awesome book. This book is an expansion on a late 1980's Family Handbook of the Marin Waldorf School. All the articles are short, very readable, and there are a lot of them! Articles come from the Handbook, the Chanticleer (a newsletter), various lectures, and essays from other sources.  Unlike Lifeways, its held up to its age, I hadn't realized how old it was until it got to the essay about electronic media. There was no mention of computers, the internet, MP3 players, cell phones and the like. When it mentioned video cassettes and not DVDs I got suspicious and checked the publication date.

Part 1 consists of good articles summing up each grade and the academic work that is done. (Almost no mention of handwork at all, now that I think about it.) The article on High School is excellent! Part 2 is about specific curriculum subjects (i.e. science,  eurhythmy, etc) Part 3 is an interesting FAQ. Part 4 is on family life and Waldorf (where the electronic media article lives) Part 5 on the various Festivals. Part 6 a very extensive appendix.

This would be an excellent book to hand prospective parents and other people who are beginning to try to figure out what Waldorf Education is. Very readable, there's even some Steiner in it. But for me its still a good reference. Parts 1,5 &6 have some great info and a source for some ideas. So I'll be hanging onto it for awhile.
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