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Elli and Gwen

Are the coolest  4 year olds ever!

Today we went to Costco before lunch. Had lunch there (duh), and got home sometime around 1. Gray was starving, so all I brought in was the dairy and other things that needed refrigeration.  After feeding Gray, I got distracted and at some point Gwen comes up to me holding a package of hot dogs saying "Mommy, these go in the garage right?" "Yes, sweetheart"

A few minutes pass before the question she asked sunk into my brain. So I go into the kitchen and the girls are in the middle of putting the groceries away. Gwen had pulled out the step-stool and was in the process of putting the various cheese away and Elli was struggling to open the milk box (milk comes in a box with 2 1-gal bottles in it)

"Are you guys putting the groceries away?"


"what a lucky mommy I am to have two helpful little girls! Thank you!"

I think I actually got them to blush.
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