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21. Beyond this Horizon. by Robert A. Heinlein.
Early Heinlein. And one I hadn't read before. It was kind of actually a hard read as the writing wasn't as smooth as his later work became. Interesting read, but not one I'll seek out.

22. The Pleasure Palace by Evangeline Anderson
When I'm feeling really brain dead, I read romance/smut. This qualifies as smut. Bad smut. The sex scenes were BORING. And the plot, although an interesting premise, was kinda dry. Definitely a waste of time

23. Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann
I just got introduced to EZ by another blog I read (soulemama). The Sweater she knit for her baby (slightly older than Gray) was fascinating. She took a before picture and it was a blobbish rectangle. According to Amanda Soule, it took some clever folding and 1 seam across the shoulders and it turned into this adorable sweater. So I requested the one book SJPL owns, and after reading promptly ordered a couple of patterns (including that neat one) off her website (run by her daughter). There's another pattern in this book I must try (The tomten jacket) Amanda Soule just posted pictures of one she just finished on her website and it looks totally cute too. I'll need to buy this one I think.
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