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Block plan rev 3

September (Language Arts)

1 week ease into school (Form Drawing, Painting, etc)

2 weeks Trickster Tales

1 week St Michael & St George (Includes Prep for Michaelmas)

We will start basic grammar structure and word families this month and carry them on through all the Language Art Blocks. We will also do nearly daily short math drills both oral and written (but not necessarily both on the same day).

October (Nature Stories/LA)

1 week Plants

1 week Insects

1.5  week Animals

1/2 week Halloween prep


November (LA/Jataka Tales and Saint Stories)

2 weeks  Jataka tales

2 weeks Saints (Martin, Jerome, Isaac, Elizabeth of Hungary) (includes prep for Martinmas)

1 week Thanksgiving


December (LA/Saints and Advent)

1 week St Nicholas

1 week St Lucia

2 Weeks Break!


January (Math)

4 Weeks Math

February (LA/Saints & Heroes)

1 week Jewish Heroes

1 week American Indian and Islamic heroes

1/2 week St. Valentine

1 1/2 weeks St. Francis


March (Math)

4  weeks math

April (Math)

3 weeks  Natural Phenomena (1 week each Moon, Sun, and cloud & rain)

1 week Easter Break


May (LA/Catch up)

3 weeks Aesop

1 week open for catch up/other things I think of.

1 week St. Joan.

If I counted correctly this not only gives me 185 school days (I'm mandated to teach 180) it also gives us the ENTIRE summer of June, July and August off. Yea right. There will be some slippage I'm sure.

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