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Block plan for Elli and Gwen

Here's my theme/block plan for the girls

September (Michaelmas)

1 week ease into school (Form Drawing, Painting, etc)

2 weeks Apple Orchard

1 week St Michael & St George


October (Halloween)

3  weeks Harvest

1 week Halloween


November (Thanksgiving, Martinmas)

2 weeks Gnomes

1 week Martinmas

1 week Thanksgiving

1 week Falling Leaves


December (St. Nicholas, St. Lucy, Christmas)

2 weeks  Advent

2 Weeks Break!


January  (3 kings)

2 weeks  Jack Frost

2 weeks  Winter Woods

February (Candlemas & St. Valentines)

2 weeks  Winter Light

2 weeks  Winter Tea Time

March (Ike Birthday, St. Patricks Day, Mom Birthday)

2 weeks  Winter Goodbye

2 weeks  Raindrops

April (Easter)

3 weeks  Flowers and Fairies

1 week Easter Break


May (Beltaine)

1 week Beltaine/May Day

2 weeks Animals All Around

2 weeks  Dig a little Earth


Now just to find stories to fit all those theme. I'll be using one story a week, and building activities around that.
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