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34. God's Pauper, St. Francis of Assisi by Nikos Kazantzakes
A fictionalized biography of St. Francis told from the perspective of one of the first Franciscian Friars. I heard about this listening to a Wayne Dyer CD. At the time of the CD, the book was out of print. Afterwards, it was back into print. San Jose State had a copy so I borrowed it. Really, really good. My only complaint is that the author did a poor job of relating how much time passed between events. It read like it all happened in a year or two. Where actually it happened in about 20 or so.

35. Living the HeartLife, letting go of the hard life by Steven and Cynthia Wand
Melisa, my homeschooling consultant, has had Cynthia on her podcast a couple of times, so I decided to read her book. Its a little book, but I enjoyed it very much. More positive thinking, changing how one looks at life. I liked it enough I've ordered the workbook/journal.

So what big ass book am I working on now? "You're not the boss of me!" Its a Waldorf early childhood publication, regarding the 6-7 year change and the birth of the etheric body and how to support the child through the transformation. I'm on page 22 of 400+. Its going to take awhile. I'm also working on another 400+ page parenting book. I might be only posting kids books for a bit. =)

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