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36. Loving every child by Janusz Korczak
Most people think of Rudolf Steiner as an obscure Austrian Philosopher and pedagogue, Janusz Korczak is really freaking obscure! Fascinating man, pediatrician, pedagogue, orphanage director, from Poland. Killed at Treblinka in 1942. Very few of his works have been translated into English, and I really wish more of them were. This book is a good quotes book taken from two of his teaching works "How to love a child" and "A childs right to respect" Love this book, only takes about an hour to read, and full of really good things.

37. Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreaola
Homeschooling book. A "how mom should teach nature studies" book wrapped in a story in the form of a mothers journal circa 1935-1936. Quick read, gave me LOTS of ideas on how to conduct nature studies with my kids. And the story was actually really good too.

38.Three Questions by John Muth
Leo Tolstoy wrote a short story called the Three Questions. John Muth adapted it into a story book. Awesome! This one came in the mail yesterday and I'll already read it three times by request. Nice moral story without really hitting them over the head with a hammer

39. Best Stories ever by Richard Scary
So I picked up this fat Richard Scary book at Outrageous Outgrowns. About 170 pages of Richard Scary illustrating classic stories, fairy tales, aesops fables, poems, and original stories. I LOVE Richard Scary. As a child I loved his books, So when I saw this one for 3 bucks I just snapped it up. Published in 1971 and the language is lovely. Its not dumbed down literature for kids which a lot of books seem to suffer from nowadays. In the last two days I've read the entire thing out loud to the kids. Ut.
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