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40. Twin to Twin by Margaret O'hair
Cute picture book about twins playing. Boy/Girl twins, but the kids liked this one

41. The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers
Picture book about the Great Paper Airplane contest

42. To Bathe a Boa by C. Imbior Kudrna
Rhyming picture book about strange things

43. You're not the boss of me by Ruth Ker
A book intended for kindergarten teachers about the older/second year kindergarten child. As a parent, this had a HUGE amount of good stuff. Its setting me up for that second kindy year the girls will have

44. On Basilisk Station by David Weber
Book 1 of the Honor Harrington Series

45. Honor of the Queen by David Weber
Book 2 of Honor Harrington

46. Short Victorious War by David Weber
Book 3 of Honor Harrington

47. Field of Dishonor by David Weber
Book 4 of Honor Harrington

I needed something simple to read so I pulled out the Honor books. I love them. If you don't know who or what Honor Harrington is...just google her.
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