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48. Torch of Freedom by David Weber
This is the 19th book from the Honorverse. Technically there are 3 story lines in the Honor Harrington Universe. I think there are 4.
-the mainline story focusing on Honor Harrington
-the short story series entitled Worlds of Honor
-the Shadow of Saganami Storyline
-the Planet of Torch line

This is the second book the the Planet of Torch Line. We get to see lots of Victor and Anton in action. W00t! The thing that really drives me up the wall about Weber is that he introduces really cool characters...then kills them. I know, it needs to happen, but still!

Note. this book needs to be read before "Mission of Honor" (due out July 2010) but after "At all costs" and "Storm from the Shadows". "Torch of Freedom", "At all Costs" and "Storm from the Shadows" all overlap time wise. You're getting 3 books looking at different events that are going on at the same time. Ut.
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